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Buchanan Caring Group
Charity and Scholarship Entity
"Strengthening ONE by Caring for ONE"

Buchanan Caring Group's charity and scholarship is to supplement care services to those who need it. This is a direct piece of the organizations internal entity. I have been affected by experience in life with the needs of people. In this thought it brings to mind something I read, 'When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart, that is consciousness.' - Bhagavad Gita.

I believe when people need care and support they need it. Buchanan Caring Group exists in a socially conscious nature. When people buy our care services, shop from our online store or donate, 50% goes to the charity and scholarship entity. We are a 501 c (3), non-profit organization, under the umbrella of Young People's Marketing Society, Inc. since 1989.

Helping Hands

Food Basket Program

Children should not go hungry. So we assist families with our "food basket project." Our founder started this when he was a young teacher. He would hit the grocery store, put a basket of food together, and drop it off at the door of a child's or family's house on noted food holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The food donations went to children that he knew from the school he taught at and knew their families needed help with food. We're hoping to expand this program.


There are children that go without that three-meal-a-day theory. So what do we DO as they watch television and watch all the happy kids eating all the stuff in those plentiful advertisements and know that is not them? Do we make sure there is a food source for them, and ensure it is not just a dream? This is the FOOD BASKET plan that Buchanan Caring Group has come up with but cannot do it without the help of others. A plan is just that; a plan, until it is executed. That is one FOCUS that we know is valuable to these children. The second concern is ACTIVITIES that they must have, along with that good diet to help them develop a path by which they can experience positive avenues to grow positively. There are teams with leagues, social clubs, book clubs and the good old YMCA, but there are also fees. These fees hinder this possibility, but never the less are positive growth needs for the these children to help them develop a path by which they can experience solid growth aspects that will give them the opportunity to find positive activities and people to help them through guidance. The third area is EDUCATION that provides them with the KNOWLEDGE of themselves and builds self-esteem from knowing the positives of their culture, as well as others, learning about the society in which they live and the navigation of it, and HOW they can move to empower themselves through the beauty of knowledge. As president of Buchanan Caring Group, caring and being mindful of these three important aspects to children, I have seen the negative result that comes from not having these basic elements in their lives early on, but not saying it is never too late. These aspects cannot be taken for granted; just because everything is good with you does not mean it is good for all. Children get lost without proper guidance. They have to have some sense of HOPE in their lives to help them build positive pride and self-esteem. Love is important, but they must have self-esteem and self-reliance as well. Being lost and wondering physically, mentally and emotionally are not good options for their future. People have to step up because as the world has shown me, you can strengthen one by caring for one. I ask for your help in providing this opportunity to the children and their families, shop at our online store, "SHOP NOW" will get YOU to that opportunity to "Strengthen ONE by Caring for ONE," it is a passion of mine, please support us. Thank you.

Donate to Us

Whether you used our resources in the past and wanted to give back, or simply want to help those who are struggling, Buchanan Caring Group appreciates your support in helping grow these efforts. We would not be able to provide the community with the services we do if it were not for the donations of generous people. Thank you for your contribution.

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I Believe

Buchanan Caring Group was created to be a vehicle for Caring and Kindness. I enter into this with an emphasis on providing Education and Societal Navigation Services to people who are limited to attaining these services. I believe people that get support and guidance have an opportunity and options for hope. I Believe our program is a conduit through our Case Management process.

I have been funding this initiative for over 20 years. To increase my service, I will need help.

In this thought, I have created an online store where your purchases of our products would allow Buchanan Caring Group to increase our service work.
95% of sales would go to the program and 5% to administrative needs. Buchanan Caring Group evolved under the umbrella of Young People’s Marketing Society, Inc., a 501 c (3) nonprofit founded over 18 years ago. It was formulated to help me work with my students and their families. This gradually grew to the community. Through this, a system was developed in a case management format that works with identifying specific service needs.

I would truly appreciate your participation in our online store. Our first product will be a quilted baby blanket. Of course “DONATIONS” are always appreciated.

Buchanan Caring Group

Buchanan Caring Group is a Support and Resource Charity designed to help children and young adults struggling in school with navigational, educational, behavioral and support services.

“Strengthening ONE by Caring for ONE”

We are an organization that is based in its charity through case management services. Buchanan Caring Group bring a support system to help youth and parents in building positive empowerment to youth struggling in Public and Home School by connecting with supportive services that promote individualized personal growth.

As a child I had parents that focused their complete time and efforts to support me in positive experience. They gave me the opportunity to participate in uplifting activities with a sense of guidance as I worked through many of the things young people have to deal with. This led me to become a teacher and an athlete.

My goal was to make them proud through learning and be the best I could be. When I grew and achieved they had a request of me and that was to do the same for other children and young adults that did not have the same opportunities I took advantage of. Many of my friends and classmates did not have this for varied reasons. Those reason do not matter as long as these youth have an avenue and develop a path in life that leads them to a strong personal empowerment. As I work in public schools I see so many kids that look just like me struggle because of circumstances that impact their lives. I am here to help. I know that I owe and I know that I can help.

I have developed a plan through case management that if followed can help in this struggle with a guide especially for them. Buchanan Caring Group will work with parents, youth and the community to build plans to help them on this guided path. I am not tied to any restricted organizations except to the individualized support of the people participating in their own plan at their own pace. We start where ever they are. One of the things I discovered and that I am passionate about is helping, supporting and guiding these families in support of their young people.

The program that I offer is called Personal Power Elite Process PPEP. Basically I present my plan as a Case Management consulting service. I will follow the client in the home, school and community. This is such a valuable tool that is needed in working with many students these days in the public schools. As I work in the public schools I have many students see me and say we need more Black teacher. I understand, the Black and Brown students are hungry for someone they can relate to. They thank me for being there. This means so much to me. It is not a slight to the White students because I value their education too but they have many staff they can relate to. In so many cases in the public schools kids come from challenging environment and this includes all races and they enjoy me too because they realize that my background is the same as theirs and now I am here. I always tell the classes if I can do it you definitely can and surpass me. That is my hope for them. Each generation should advance from the one that came before. It must be an expectation for all public school staff to expressing their work with these kids.

There is a lot missing from educational skill building, behavioral appropriateness and focus management which are three very important aspects that are beneficial to our young people’s personal growth.

I created this charity for this very reason. This is over 25 years of experience as a classroom teacher, school developer and building educational systems.


Case management portfolios are personally designed products that we present. The fundraising is based in other concerned citizens who want to build a better society and citizens. We do not want any of our children and young people to be weak links. The fundraising portion will be through donations and the purchasing of products from our e-commerce store so that we can work with as many youth and families to support our communities. This allows Buchanan Caring Group to DO our OUTREACH.

. Teaching organizational skills
. Consulting and managing self defeating behaviors
. Promote safe open space for learning
. Reality-based learning *(basic learning that youth need to survive in society)
. Personal empowerment evaluation and consulting
. Consult sharing within the community and taking advantage of its many resources
. Small group interactions and courage challenges
. Navigational skills to help in the use of the many resources available
. Focus on You *(learning to focus and STOP with avoidable excuses)
. Youth community involvement planning
. Parents being involved in programming to prepare their children for school before they ever attend
. Schools being involved in just pushing youth through
. Schools identifying youth who can benefit from our Personal Power Elite Process, PPEP

In this process we set GOALS and DIRECTIVES for students to reach for and when they ACHIEVE/COMPLETE goals we  have them move on to a new goal.