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About Us

Buchanan Caring Group's mission is a socially conscious endeavor. We are a non profit 501 c (3) organization. As a non medical home care entity we exist to serve and provide support to people. We categorize ourselves as a "care" organization. In that process we differentiate our program through our charity and scholarship component even though we take on private pay clients. We realize there are people who can pay for their home care services and we applaud that but because of our awareness of ALL people, we know many people deny themselves this service because of financial reasons. It is evident that when someone needs care support they need it. Care adds value to people's lives and that is why we have developed our program model.

Altruism, in a Socially Conscious effort, is important in our service as our motto states:  "Strengthening ONE by Caring for ONE". Buchanan Caring Group's original idea was to be able to meet all non-medical client Needs with a strong focus in helping to reach out and caring for people with limited financial and resource navigational skills. I am setting out to achieve this goal. In considering this, we formed our charity and scholarship program into our cares services. You can find additional information on our "charity" in our charity heading.

This process directs us to a self-sufficient approach in our socially conscious effort to provide support to people who need the service, but struggle in a limited manner or do without the service. The Buchanan Caring Group has a fee structure that allows private pay and an "online store" to support our charity and scholarship program for those who struggle with affording care service. We believe when a person needs care assistance they need it. Your support in helping us help all is appreciated!

*50% of all sales go to the charity and scholarships and the other is administrative. In our world today, we feel and think, Caring has value and that involves an altruistic sacrifice sometimes and that is WHY our motto statement is: "Strengthening ONE by Caring for ONE".

About DL Buchanan

DL Buchanan is the founder and director of the Buchanan Caring Group. With degrees in education and psychology, he is a psychotherapist who has worn many hats to help his community. He helped create the first charter school in Colorado (P.S. 1), and he also founded and directed Buchanan Instructional Group (BIG), a day treatment school. He's been a correctional supervisor for Lookout Mountain Juvenile Correctional Facility, a Special Olympics coach and a job coach. In addition to all of these positions, he's served a special education teacher for 20 years and a mental health case manager for 15 years. Dr. Buchanan has also been a home host provider to adult DD persons, and a provider for Easter Seals, helping with their respite program. He has worked in this field for over 25 years.

With over 25 years of experience, we know the system. In fact, DL Buchanan has been called on because of his knowledge of it. As a nonprofit organization that's been headquartered in Denver, Colorado, since 1989, we're here to help. Our philosophy is "Strengthening One by Caring for One."


To better help those in the community, we are members of several groups and associations, including the following:

• American Federation of Teachers
• Carelike, in connection with Alzheimer's Association
• Association for the Developmentally Disabled
• Associations for Retarded Citizens (ARC)
• Easter Seals
• Community Services for Developmentally Disabled
• Special Olympics


Words from My Daddy:
I had an agreement with my Daddy when I left for college that he wanted to stay in his own home as long as he was capable then He wanted me to come get him, I said, OK. Many years later I got a call from my cousin and he said your Father is in the hospital and he won't eat. I went home to check on him and when I walked into the hospital room and said, "Daddy, he slowly rolled over and said to me and my cousin, "I know you." I went to him and broke down with the tears I was trying to fight back but could not contain, as I am crying now trying to write this. He looked at me and smiled and I said, "Daddy isn't time for me to come get you?" He simply nodded his head in a yes response and I said, "Let's go!" my cousin and the nurses said my Daddy would not eat. We packed up and drove back to Kansas on an 18 hour drive and that man ate more than me. What I learned and learned over and over what loneliness can do, but more powerful was the appetite love gives you. I remember that every day!
A Letter to my son:
"Son, I've been watching you as you go through your day and on top of all that you take care of me. You are good at taking care of me and someday if you can, I would like for you to do this for others, but not now, because I want you all to myself.

Thanks for visiting me after I had my car accident. Every day I thought I was going to die, I just could not breath right. When I woke up there you were. My old school teacher from middle school. Not many people cared other than my mom and granny. My man is stupid and was trying to take my kid.
I had not seen you for over three years. As always, when you got there you began quietly giving me hope and calming my foul mouth because of pain and my crazed mom down. As you left that first visit you kissed me on my forehead and said I'll see you tomorrow. I wasn't sure if you were coming back or not, but I should have known you would if at all possible. Dude, you always were honest with me, my brother and my mom and did whatever you said. There are lots of bullshiters in my life that I can't trust their word. But you said you would be there every day and there you were every day.
I was in great pain with all those broken bones and my breast plate smashed.
Then out of the blue they were trying to send me home and my breathing was so bad. I was shocked when this woman told me that. When she said that, I told her I can't hardly breathe. I'm a discharge planner and we don't keep you long term. I did not know what to do and you walked in the room and asked me why I was crying. They are sending me home and I'm not ready and I'll be there by myself. In a few more days I might be able to manage, but no way now. I called my mom and she was going to come in here and go off on these people. You know how crazy my mom is. You said that's not going to help and left the room telling me to be calm. When you came back in you said some people will be coming so you can express yourself. I told you I did not know what to say to those educated people. You simply said, "Don't worry." "You are the only person I know who can deal with these people and calm my mom down."
The nurse came in, the nurse supervisor, discharge planner and hospital advocate. They re-worked their evaluation and I got to recover a few more days which I needed. Once again, you saved my life. In the seventh grade you saved me from the gang members and now at 25 years old you pop up again. To the rescue. Just wanted to thank you.
- Lena B.

"I know you brought that food basket to my house for us." "My little sister answered the door and just said some tall man gave me this to give to Grandma." I know you, and you are the only person I could even think of so I left this on your desk after basketball practice because I know you would never say you did it. The sweet potatoes gave you away. So don't bother, thank you.
- Bugs


Buchanan Caring Group's service pricing works from what we call "category pricing."
Our fees are categorized from $18.00 an hour (based on a three hour minimum charge) to a $75.00 an hour charge.

Enrolling for service with Buchanan Caring Group is easy!

"Strengthening ONE" by Caring for ONE

Get a FREE Consultation

The process we enlist to join any of our programs is simple:
1. Call us or email us and let us know what service you are interested in. We consider ourselves an individualized service.

2. Schedule an appointment to set up an interview, we will go over your service needs, then talk about a care plan and then design a beginning plan of service with dates and times.

3. I will develop a case plan of your needs and present it through a case-management format. We do this because it gives us both a clear service plan that can best be executed.

4. We promote a subscription service process with a one month long obligation of services. This is not written in stone because you can schedule as needed dates through advance scheduling.

That's it, just that simple.
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email: ypmsconsult@yahoo.com
Website: buchanancares.com

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