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Special Needs HOMESCHOOLING is an intricate piece of Buchanan Caring Group's focus on a number of important needs and circumstances. I say this because of my over 20 years as a Special Education teacher and over 15 years in Mental Health. There are considerations that all may not be familiar with but after all my years teaching, working with a multitude of parents and families and being a Caregiver myself there are some realizations that I know exist that can benefit the client as well as assist the families/caregivers.

DD people face adversity, every day. In order to deal with the issues, they need help from caring individuals. Unfortunately, when seeking assistance, those suffering from developmental disabilities often encounter a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to help these individuals overcome these difficulties in order to provide them with the disability support services they need.

Buchanan Caring Group would like to provide first an acknowledgement and then a support service to parents, family and loved ones of Special Needs individuals. I will briefly speak of this valuable service. The second part of our service is that I can work with your special needs person in the home in relation to their school experience. This we can do in accord with their regular school teacher. The proposed key is the individualized support in a team effort. *In addition, we offer a Summer Skill Retention class. Scheduling is based on our initial interview and plan development. This service is available on Friday.

ELDER CARE in Home Services:

Elder care involves many aspects for seniors and their families. We attempt to meet as many service needs as we can for the client. Buchanan Caring Group's goal is to individualize, with the client and family a care plan that works best. In this planning, we like to develop a care plan and service schedule when we meet for our free consultation and interview. In developing a portfolio of desired services so that we can case-manage services.


Companionship ties into two of our other service areas, Elder Care and Adult Children of Elder Parents. The tie-in is the everyday needs people generally encounter such as shopping, bookstore, errands, appointments and of course just plain old companionship like going to lunch, dinner, to the mall, getting a haircut or to the beauty parlor, etc.


Alzheimer Care is designed to give caregivers a break from their duties. It has become knowledge that African-Americans are a huge part of this condition. Buchanan Caring Group tries to identify various care needs of people and provide support where it is needed, a special entity of support to caregivers. I am working with the Alzheimer's Association of Colorado. Further information can be found through the associations provider list through "Carelike".

ADULT CHILDREN of Senior Parents

Many Adult Children have parents that would like to stay in their homes as long as possible. These Adult Children want the best for their parents but many live out of town and/or have their own current lives and families. In the same vein, they care about their parents and are looking for options that can assist them. That is a function that Buchanan Caring Group does. We can help with appointments, checking in on them, report back to their Adult Children following appointments, help with errands and be a support to them in maintaining their own independence as long as possible.

HOMESCHOOLING: (Special Needs)

I want to speak a little more about the importance of the concept of the homeschooling I offer. There are varied reasons for homeschool learners. Many circumstances can come into play as well as obstacles that a person may be confronted with. I taught Special Education for many years and was concerned when students came back from the summer vacation and so much learning and skill building had diminished. I talked with other special education teachers and they noticed the same thing. Our homeschooling for Special Needs students in the summer is an opportunity for students to work on retention of what they have learned and can go back to the next school year and pick up right where they left off.

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Personal Services

Teach and help support developmentally disabled people who are building skill such as Activities of Daily Living, (ADL's), Shopping, Meal Planning, Navigation of Resources, Locating Peer Activities, Utilization of Access A Ride for Transportation.

Respite Services to Caregivers

Consider having some free time from the tremendous work you do day after day with your loved-one. We offer you the opportunity to run errands, a movie in the afternoon, take a walk in the park or a multitude of other activities you want to do. This respite is conducted in your home.

*A three day in advance scheduling notice is required.

Elder Care

Service available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. (Ambulatory preferred or can transfer from wheelchair to car seat).

* 3 day advance scheduling
Cost: $18.00 an hour, (3 hour minimum pricing)

Saturday Respite: (Non-Combative and Ambulatory)

This portion of Buchanan Caring Group is for CAREGIVER's. Caregivers are a unique group of people that may have an assignment in life that they do not choose but rises to do it. So we looked for a way of supporting them because they are only human and they need a break from time to time for their challenging work.

Saturday Respite is designed to be available to offer caregivers a break from the tremendous job you do day after day. You can go see a movie, run some necessary errands, lunch alone or with a friend/s, time at the mall or a walk in the park. You can drop your loved one off for a few hours and have important and essential time from your caregiving. We are offering this option to you in this time period:
Hours: 10:00AM to 2:30PM. We prefer you to schedule on a monthly subscription basis. Call for scheduling.
Cost: $18.00 an hour, 3 hour minimum pricing.

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Services We Offer: Walking Assistance, Meal Preparation/Diet Monitoring, Errands and Shopping, Medication Reminders, Companion/Socialization, Respite Care, Case Management. Our services are provided in the home. Buchanan Caring Group is a 501(c)(3). Follow our website to see our charity and scholarship program. We're bonded and insured. 

Pricing is from $15 to $25 an hour with our hourly minimum of 3 to 4 hours. We are available Monday through Thursday, 10am to 12pm and 12pm to 2pm. At this time we are Private Pay.
Website: buchanancares.com | Email: ypmsconsult@yahoo.com

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